Vastu Remedies of SouthWest Corner

South West Corner Vastu

Vastu Shastra is one of the old technical architectural systems. The major features or importance of Vastu Shastra lies in its concept of laws regarding the directions and elements of nature. In simple terms, this concept guides you in planning the construction and decoration of a building, house, or shop to access the positive energy and vibes of your life. According to Vastu Science, our houses have eight corners: North, North East, North West, South, South East, South West, East and West. It is important to understand that there are positive and powerful energies in each of these corners, but these energies come alive when we use and amplify them correctly. In this blog, we will explore Vastu remedies for south west corner.


Importance of south west corner

Importance of South West Corner:

The south west direction, ruled by Rahu, one of the fieriest planets in Vedic astrology, represents the elements of Earth. This corner is known to welcome wealth, stability, and good health to the people living in that house. However, misuse of this corner not only causes disputes between couples and bitterness in relationships, but at the same time, it can also invite unexpected expenses, mental stress, fear, and anxiety in the mind. That’s why one should never leave this corner empty. If there’s no room in this corner, you can furnish it with a painting, artwork, or any kind of light. According to the rules of Vastu science, it’s important to keep things in the right position in this corner; otherwise, you may experience negative effects that will gradually impact your everyday life.

Hence, there are specific Vastu remedies to avoid such negative situations, and each remedy has its own importance and can help in making a positive impact. In this article, we will discuss all these measures and know-how by using these measures you can increase the energy of your finances, wealth, and overall development.

Vastu Remedies:

Following are some remedies that help us in increasing the energy and frequency of the southwest corner of our homes and shops.


main entrance is not towards the south west

The main door faces

Before buying or constructing any office, building, or your beautiful house, it must be ensured that its main entrance is not towards the south west. According to Vastu, this corner is believed to invite conflict and misfortune. But still, if you like a property whose main door is towards the south west, then there is no need to panic. Here are some south west entrance Vastu remedies, using which you can avoid those negative effects.

  • When the main entrance faces south west, make sure there are an even number of doors and windows inside the house.
  • Choose red color in the south, yellow in the south/south west, and pink in the south west. Pastel shades of the given colors can also be chosen.
  • Boost positivity by planting Vastu pyramids, wind chimes, and various plants near your house entrance, such as Bamboo, Money Plant, Snake Plant, Rubber Plant etc.
  • To counteract the downsides of south west facing entrances, attach religious symbols or sigils (in red) on the sides and top of the main door, tailored to the residents’ religion. Here are some examples of symbols and sigils:

sigils and religious symbols to protect your house


Place of Master Bedroom

master bedroom

Recommend placing the master bedroom and the CEO’s (top higher position) room in the office in the south west corner. Because the south west corner is the corner of strong relationships and connections. A person is always safe and happy in this part of the house. The owner of this bedroom enjoys both good health and wealth. It is also the most comfortable place in a building.

According to Vastu, it is advised that the bedroom of the head of the family should be in the south west corner as the master bedroom.


kitchen should not be in the south-west

Place of worship and kitchen

As previously mentioned, reserve the south west corner solely for the master bedroom, as it’s not conducive to productive activities.

If we talk about the kitchen, according to Vastu the kitchen should not be in the south west. With a kitchen in the south west, one can expect fights among family members. This is because the kitchen stove represents fire which can create turmoil and hinder the stability brought by the south west.

the place of worship

The location of your home’s prayer area is crucial because it’s used for morning and evening worship. So, when choosing the place of worship, select its direction carefully. In Vastu Science, the south west corner is the direction of negative power, while the north-east is full of positivity. So, positioning your deity in the highly energetic north-east corner, rather than the south west, yields the best and most fruitful results.

A special thing to note, the south west is also not good for plants because in this corner the plants do not get enough sun, which is one of the main things required for the plants to grow. If desired, indoor plants can be kept.


locker money bag, jewellery

Boost Finance

The south west corner is the house of prosperity. In Vastu, advice suggests keeping your locker, money bag, jewelry, and important property documents in the south west corner. Placing these items here is believed to multiply your prosperity and bring happiness. You can enhance your financial vibes by including red fabric or items, as well as a citrine crystal, in your money box or locker, as the color red is associated with wealth and prosperity.  Apart from this, you can also increase energy by placing a red colored bulb on the southwest wall.

To avoid financial problems and heavy expenses, the main safe and locker should open in the north or north-east direction.


water tank in the south west

Water tank and basement

Placing an underground water tank in the south west is a major taboo in Vastu. This may cause disruption or hindrance in important tasks related to the lives of the people living in the house. Furthermore, having a basement in the southwest can also cause delays and obstacles in completing important tasks. And this can make the residents of the house feel depressed and anxious.

To counteract negative energy in your home’s southwest corner, consider installing a rooftop water tank in that direction. This overhead tank should be located at a strategic point in the house. Placing the tank in the south west corner yields the best results. The west direction is of Lord Varun, the god of water. That is why having a water tank above the head will definitely have a good effect on your living space.


for South west direction is a tricky subject

Some other small Vastu tips:

  • Never install a toilet in the south west corner as it may lead to financial losses and monetary instability.
  • Place a fountain, pool, or aquarium in the north-east corner for positive energy in a south west entrance.
  • Always keep heavy furniture like sofas and cupboards in place. Also, use the washing machine in the Southwest area to avoid and counter negativity inside the house
  • Putting beautiful and peaceful pictures or symbols of earthly elements on the walls of the southwest corner. It can create a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere for occupants, promoting a healthy and peaceful life.
  • Do not plan to build a toilet in the south west direction.
  • Always try to keep your head in the south direction for comfortable sleep.
  • Try to place photographs of your ancestors on the south west wall to strengthen the energy fields of the south west corner.


south west corner to improve your life.

To conclude, one should approach the complex subject of Vastu for the south west with careful understanding and application. Vastu science plays an important role in maintaining your lifestyle based on the Vastu of your home or shop. If you are facing the above-mentioned difficulties in life, then follow the Vastu remedies to improve your life.

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